Wednesday, 17 November 2010

The blog is dead, long live the blog

So my new blog went online here this morning.

I decided about a month ago to close Pimpernel's Blog.

I have a bunch of reasons... some of which i talk about here on the new blog.

Mostly i just want to get a little more serious about my writing.

Also it seemed silly to continue hiding behind this "Pimpernel" screen persona moving forward... it isn't a name that has any sort of relevance to me beyond being useful at one point for signing up to forums with some degree of anonymity.

Most of what i blog about here i'll still be blogging about over there... so it's more like a relocation and rebranding than a closing.

I also have a bunch of other stuff coming that i'm really excited about, and i think you guys will like.

Hopefully you guys will follow me over to the new blog and continue reading.

Monday, 8 November 2010

Coming soon...

Monday, 18 October 2010

That Damned Elusive Pimpernel

I have been neglecting the blog rather badly of late, for which i apologise. All i can say is that i'm working on great and terrible things... secret things... things that hopefully you will likey.

I fear i've said too much...

Friday, 10 September 2010

Monster Swag

Dave Flora just might be one of the nicest guys in comics.

I've been a fan of his for some time now, in particular his Ghost Zero and Doc Monster characters, and i try to support his work whenever possible here on the blog.

I even made some fan art.

I'm such a fanboy.

I'm going to interview Dave sometime in the next few weeks, and i'm working on a review of Ghost Zero to go along with that hopefully. All of which is long overdue... but in my defence i'm very lazy.

Anyway check out the fantastic swag that arrived through my mailbox the other day...

I've wanted to own some of Dave's artwork for ages but wasn't able to afford anything, so i'm flattered and incredibly happy that he made me a gift of these gorgeous pieces!

Just in time for my birthday later this month too! September 23rd if anyone out there is feeling generous.

I told you he was a nice guy.

Please check out Ghost Zero here and show your support. I think the Doc Monster blog is down for the time being, so if you get the chance pester him for more of that character too. And finally you can follow Dave's serialisation of Feast Of Blood here.

Under The Influence

It seems like everyone is doing these influence maps at the moment so i thought i would jump on the bandwagon...

It was harder than i thought, and i'm sure i missed out a whole bunch of stuff.

Also there are lots of artists that influence me... Duncan Fegredo, D'Israeli, Francesco Francavilla, Dave Flora, WJC, Thomas Boatwright, INJ Culbard... that i only discovered in the last couple of years, so it feels a bit funny putting them on there with people that have been an influence since i was a wee boy. Check back in a few years tho and it might be a different story.

It is a pretty useful tool tho, as just putting it all together made me focus more on some of the ideas floating around inside my noggin. I'm thinking i might do some more of these... one for each of the comics i'm working on currently.

Anyway if you guys want to try making your own influence map you can find the template here on DeviantArt.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

The U.S.R.A. Wants YOU!

While i'm on the subject of Francesco Francavilla i can't not mention his fantastic new creator-owned thing.

A month or so ago Francesco held a Giant Robot month over on his sketch blog, out of which came the idea for something called the United States Robot Army.

USRA started out as a series of fun pinups and images featuring giant robots in a WWII setting, and now Francesco is working on developing those images and ideas into a proper story.

I can't wait.

It's ridiculous how talented this man is at coming up with stuff that i need to buy.

Check out his Pulp Sunday blog for more info on USRA and Black Beetle, his other creator-owned character, and to show your support.

Congratulations II

More belated congratulazioni go out to Francesco Francavilla for joining the new Detective Comics creative team. Apparently Francesco will be doing the art for a new series of Commissioner Gordon backup strips...

Here's what writer Scott Snyder has to say...

"I’m a huge fan of Francesco’s work and have been for quite some time. His style is dark and daring with a good amount of noir to it, but there’s also a striking physicality to his art - his characters always look very real, very vulnerable and human. Which is why I always thought he’d be perfect for the job; because this story is dark and dramatic with some big revelations, but it’s also about Jim Gordon, the man, coming to terms with some very tough skeletons from his past… Or rather, one skeleton in particular - someone who has just now returned to Gotham, too… So I simply could not be more excited about Francesco’s involvement."

Francesco is easily one of the best artists out there at this sort of thing, and i'm sure he will have a blast on this gig.

Again this couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

I just hope he remembers us little fellas when he is rubbing shoulders with the bigwigs.